I design and produce ceramic products.
I live in Warsaw / Poland and work at the School of Form as an Instructor and Head of Ceramic Studio.

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The habits shaped by capitalism’s drive for growth have been rooting in us for generations now, and it is not our fault that we ran out of time for thought and critical thinking - developing such an approach would carry too much risk of slowing down the imposed economic growth. Today, however, in the face of the climate crisis, we cannot duplicate the old scenarios anymore, so we have to redefine slogans such as: value, beauty and resource.

Trade fairs, festivals and conversations about trends are a perfect space to ask yourself questions that have never been possible before - what is it that I’m actually holding; what materials and processes were needed to make this product come into existence; who is behind it, and finally, what will happen after its useful life and what can i do to appreciate it "more"?

‘Fuck The Porcelain' is a manifesto that draws attention to the porcelain object as a resource.

The project boldly takes up a polemic about the meaning of an error in the system - that is, the titular Glitch, which is the thoughtless discarding of porcelain and underestimating its value. The installation consists of three objects and highlights the challenges that must be faced not only by recipients and designers, but also by the entire ceramics industry.

1. Recognize durability! - porcelain is an indestructible and practically impossible to process material.

2. Don't reject value! - 140,000 tonnes of tableware are thrown away annually
in Japan alone.

3. Appreciate the process! - errors in the porcelain structure are a natural element of the process.


Marta Łempicka | Joanna Rymaszewska | Arkadiusz Szwed


Dorota Stepniak

The exhibition was accompanied by the GLITCH stand, where visitors were able to buy unique, collectible projects processing the 3rd quality, altered by the collective. The works were sold by weight, which raises another question about the legitimacy of the price and the real value of the product as well as the strength of the context that is given to it through artistic intervention

phot. Arkadiusz Szwed